Message from Parish Priest

Dear sisters and brothers,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Welcome to our parish in Fairview. Although the Conventual Franciscan Friars have been privileged to be assigned here since 1986, we’re finally in the process of putting our Website together. With a little patience and a lot of Our Lord’s help we’ll eventually catch up with the requirements of the Twenty-first century.
While we’re updating however, know the Friars are always ready to serve you spiritually, sacramentally, and compassionately, blessed, as we are, with the perennial spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.
We’d love to have you meet us and the wonderful people of the Fairview Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There’s a deep love of Our Lady here and an active consecration to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. One of our confreres, St. Maximilian Kolbe, continuously encourages us surrender our wills to her maternal heart as she continuously offers us to her Divine Son.
We’re not perfect here in Fairview, but we are trying our best to show today’s world what makes us hopeful and joy filled, namely, JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD.
Come and visit us. (Come and advise us how to make our website better.) We’d love to meet you and even walk with you on your faith journey with Jesus, our Lord and Love.

God bless,

Fr. Maximilian Mckeown O.F.M. Conv


It would appear from the records that the nearest church to Fairview in the 15th century was that at Clonturf, as a path coneected Ballyboough to Charuch Lane (Church Avenue)

The Reformation resulted in the dissolution of the Monasteries and the transfer fo thier lands and this had a big effect on the people of the area, many of whom were employed by the monks as farm labourers, etc. The church at Clonturk, which had been served by the monks ao Alll Hallows was left without Divine Service form 1538 ane by 1615 was a complete ruin..


The members of the Parish, Church of Our Lady of the visitation, Fairview, are those who live in the geographical location of the parish of Fairview as defined by the Archdiocese of Dublin and those who regularly attend the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation for the support of thier faith life.

We the People of the Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, Fairview, in the spirit of the present day Catholic Church teaching come to worship as a Christian Community in order to strenghten our individual faith and to support each other living the Catholic faith. Flowing from our faith life we reach out to help each other by our presence to one another. We encourage all memebers of the parish no matter what thier age, be it young or old, to use thier time and talents to enhance our liturgical celebrations and the living of Gosphel principals. We share our time, talents and financial resources to build up the parish for the common good. We strive to know our neighbors in a spirit of co-operation and renewal. In the spirit of love we are sympathetic to people in need and we reach out to the marginalised.

In the spirit of Faith,Love and Hope we actively move the ongoing life of the Parish of Our Lady of the Visitation, Fairview, into the 21st century.

Pastoral Council

Members of Fairview Parish Pastoral Council

President: Ms. Mary Russell

Secretary : Ms. Sinead Murray

Ms. Marian Boyle

Ms. Anne Kinsella

Mr. Thomas Johnston

Mr. Thomas McKiernan

Mr. Gerry Walsh

Rev. Sr. Margaret Ivers

Fr. Maximilian Mckeown, PP

Fr Joseph Connick

Fr. Aidan Walsh

Parish Team

Very Rev. Fr. Maximilian Mckeown, PP

Rev. Fr. Joseph Connick, Curate

Rev. Fr. Aidan Walsh, Curate

Rev. Sr. Margaret Ivers

Finance Committee

Chairperson : Paul Fitzsimons

Fr. Maximilian Mckeown

Mr. Brian Fitzpatrick

Ms. Pauline Kavanagh

Ms. Mary Davis

Ms. Mary Phelan

Ms. Ann Tallo

Choir Team